Технологии стекования кристаллов

Технические характеристики

Extreme Capacity and Bandwidth

  • Breakthrough capacity with up to 4.4M logic cells, 90 Mbits BRAM, and over 1400 I/Os
  • Up to 104 transceivers for 5.1 Tb/s of total serial bandwidth
  • 2nd generation 3D IC technology for virtual monolithic design
  • World’s first heterogeneous 3D devices for optimal form, fit, function

Stacked Silicon Interconnect Technology: The Heart of All Programmable 3D ICs

FPGA Devices Utilizing Stacked Silicon Interconnect Technology

Kintex UltraScale XCKU100 XCKU115    
Virtex UltraScale  XCVU125 XCVU145 XCVU160 XCVU440
Virtex-7 T 7V2000T      
Virtex-7 XT 7VX1140T      
Virtex-7 HT 7VH580T 7VH870T    

Kintex UltraScale and Virtex UltraScale Families

  • 5x inter-die bandwidth based on 2nd generation 3D IC technology
  • ASIC like clocking spans across all super logic region (SLR) boundaries
  • Repeatable timing across SLR boundaries enables >500 MHz datapath performance
  • 100% greater capacity and 50% bandwidth advantage vs. competitive FPGAs

Virtex-7 T Family

  • The world's first SSI enabled device – the Virtex®-7 2000T
  • Over 6.8 billion transistors enabling 2 million logic cells
  • Ideal for wired communications, ASIC prototyping and emulation 
  • Shipping in volume production today


Virtex-7 XT Family

  • Offers over 1M logic cells and high processing bandwidth
  • Integrates 96 backplane capable serial transceivers
  • Industry’s highest density, highest GT count device in production today

Virtex-7 HT Family

  • The first product to leverage heterogeneous 3D IC technology
  • Combines feature-rich 28nm FPGA die with integrated 28Gb/s transceivers
  • Ideal for Nx100G line cards for next-generation communication systems
  • In production today