Аналоговый Цифровой Преобразователь

Integrated Analog with Digital Customization

Xilinx’s Analog Mixed Signal (AMS) technology is available in all 7 series families, delivering application solutions for cost-sensitive and low power markets serviced by Artix™-7 FPGAs and Zynq™-7000 All Programmable SoCs. AMS also delivers enhanced reliability in high-performance markets served byKintex™-7 and Virtex®-7 FPGA families. Get started today with the AMS101 Evaluation Card and begin your AMS designs on any 7 series FPGA or Zynq SoC base board.

Value Description
Programmable Systems Integration
  • 12-bit, 17-channel, 1Msps Analog to Digital Converters with internal temperature and supply voltage sensors
Increased System Performance
  • Monitor voltages, currents and temperature on simple or complex boards
BOM Cost Reduction
  • Save up to $5 of external ADC and analog components

AMS Architecture Overview

AMS Addresses Broad Range of Applications

The 7 Series and Zynq-7000 SoC Analog Mixed Signal technology is ideal for simple system monitoring to more complex analog measurements that require digital post-processing like linearization, filtering, calibration and oversampling. AMS delivers advantages in flexibility, integration and cost savings across a wide range of applications.

Target Application Markets Served
Touch Screen Control Industrial, Automotive, Consumer
Safety Industrial
Motor Control Industrial, Automotive, Consumer
System Management Industrial, Automotive, Wireless, Wired, AVB, Consumer
Security/ Anti-Tamper Aerospace and Defense, Wired, Wireless
Remote Sensors Industrial, Automotive, Consumer, Medical