Технические характеристики

The MX30LF1208AA is a 512Mb SLC NAND Flash memory device. Its standard NAND Flash featuresand reliable quality make it most suitable for embedded system code and data storage usage. The MX30LF1208AA is typically accessed in pages of 2,112 bytes, both for read and for program operations.The MX30LF1208AA array is organized as 512 blocks, which is composed by 64 pages of (2,048+64)-byte in two NAND strings structure with 32 serial connected cells in each string. Each page has an additional 64 bytes for ECC and other purposes. The device has an on-chip buffer of 2,112 bytes for data load and access. The Cache Read Operation of the MX30LF1208AA enable first-byte read-access latency of 25us and sequential read of 30ns per byte. Fast programming is supported, enabling page programming at a rate of 8MB/sec (approx.) The MX30LF1208AA power consumption is 30 mA during all modes of operations (Read/ Program/Erase), and 50uA in standby mode.

Part No. Status Vcc Cell Type Page Size Bus Width Sequential Read Speed (ns) Packages Temperature Range
MX30LF1208AA Production, for new design 3V SLC 2KB x8 30 48-TSOP -40C~+85C