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Xilinx Powering Industrial Platforms

Xilinx’s industrial solutions power factories with smarter network and intelligent controls. All Programmable platforms enable time to market and cost savings in:

Industrial Networking
Motor Control

All Programmable and Smarter Solutions

Xilinx All Programmable and Smarter Solutions include All Programmable FPGAs, SoCs, and 3D ICplatforms in addition to a suite of SmartCORE™, LogiCORE™, and specialized ecosystem IP that can be customized, to optimally address unique market needs and reduce time to integration. Xilinx Vivado® Design Suite and the development tool flow using OpenCV libraries, the Qt framework, High Level Synthesis, and IP Integrator, provide a faster, more flexible means to go to market with greater differentiation, lower risk, and lower total cost of ownership than alternative ASIC and ASSP solutions.

The Xilinx Alliance Program represents an ecosystem of qualified IP providers, system integrators, and hardware suppliers that can accelerate your design productivity and get you to market faster. Alliance Program members are equipped to maximize the advantages of Xilinx All Programmable Devices in developing market and domain specific solutions. To learn more about products from the Xilinx ecosystem specific to Industrial please visit this Alliance Products Search Results Page.

Functional Safety in Industrial

Since its release in 2005 the international standard IEC 61508 has been adopted widely across many industries as the foundation for designing functional safety electronics. Manufacturing assembly lines, elevators, wind turbines are just some examples of the many applications where functional safety is critical and IEC61508 is the applicable design standard. For many years customers have been using Xilinx products in their automation equipment and achieved functional safety certification for their designs.

To accelerate and simplify functional safety certification Xilinx now provides customers with a certified functional safety solution for industrial, energy, automotive, medical and many other markets.  The TUV-SUD certified ISE 14.2 design suite and tool flow, along with supporting tools and documentations provide the most comprehensive FPGA design package ready for designers to start new functional safety applications on Xilinx FPGAs and SoC FPGA.

Please access the Functional Safety Design Flow Solutions Product Brief for more information.

Smarter Vision: Intelligence for Industrial Imaging Systems

From the security cameras found at airports to machine vision inspection system on the factory floor, Xilinx industrial solutions are designed to meet industry needs for end-to-end programmable platforms, enabling:

  • Real-Time Analytics: Intelligent analytics such as intrusion in trip zone and tampering detection to achieve fully automated surveillance monitoring; High speed object analysis play a critical role in implementation of quality inspection automation systems 
  • Intelligent Transport: IP cameras using Ethernet for robust installation and H.264 encoding to reduce bandwidth and preserve video quality.  Robust interfaces such as CamerLink, Coaxpress, GigEVision for use in high performance industrial cameras
  • Product Differentiation: The Xilinx All Programmable solutions provide the flexibility needed to design unique products to meet market needs while commanding a price premium

Learn more about All Programmable and Smarter Vision Solutions for:

Video Surveillance
Machine Vision